Wall Street Journal peddling 'blue wave' doom

The Wall Street Journal continues to head off the cliff, with its top editorial on Thursday titled "The 'Red Wave' Illusion." We have been told since at least 2008, when Obama won, that there is a blue wave.  People have said, repeating Democrat talking points, that the Republicans must move left and join in with Democrats on their policies or they will never win again.  Instead, the Republicans moved right with the Tea Party, advocating for smaller government and fewer regulations (which the public likes), and from 2010 to 2016, the Republicans picked up majorities in the House and the Senate and over 1,000 seats nationwide – and yet we continue to get the nostrum that Republicans had better move left and give in to illegal aliens, or else they will never win again. We rarely if ever have seen advice to the Democrats that they had better join in with Republicans, or they will continue to lose seats.  We always get...(Read Full Post)