The Swedish sickness

As a naturalized citizen, and refugee from communism, I've always been grateful to the U.S. for opening its doors to us.   So what do we see in Sweden?  Lots of ungrateful people who are causing a lot of damage, according to news reports:   Dozens of cars are destroyed as gangs of masked youths go on fire-bomb rampages in cities across Sweden Masked youths?  Why not call them terrorists?   To be fair, we can not say that these masked youths are all immigrants.  At the same time, no one with blonde hair and blue eyes is taking responsibility for the incidents. This is quite a setback for Sweden's image.  For years, we've thought of Sweden as the land of ABBA, a company named IKEA and a generous welfare state.  In reality, it is now the land of Islamic State recruits and hand-grenade attacks. What went wrong?  Why are these "masked youths" torching cars rather than singing...(Read Full Post)