SJW feeding frenzy: Lesbian actress not lesbian enough to play Batwoman

Holy intersectional infighting, Batman! Fans of the dime-a-dozen televised superhero dramas may be in for some unfortunate news.  The actress tapped to play Batwoman in the latest installment of The CW's seriate "Arrowverse" has been determined not to be gay enough for the role.  That is, the actress is gay, but she doesn't prefer women enough – or enough to silence her critics, at least. DC Comics re-established the character of Batwoman as a Jewish lesbian back in 2006, just before it became fashionable to recreate classic heroes as some mix of sexual minority X and racial minority Y.  To stay true to form, Australian actress Ruby Rose, an out lesbian, was cast to play the nocturnal crime-fighter.  Little did Rose know her Sapphic tastes wouldn't cut the intersectional mustard. Social media outrage over Rose's casting pushed the blindsided actress into leaving Twitter.  The mob's point of...(Read Full Post)