New crop of 'Triple Victim Group' candidates rising in Democratic Party

In the old days, if you were a Democrat, it was enough to be a woman.  Or black.  Or even a white man, like Bill Clinton, if, according to liberal logic, you had enough defects in character to qualify you to be an honorary minority (remember the "first black president" before Obama?). But the bar keeps rising.  Even Hillary Clinton felt the pressure way back in 1999, when, running for Senate, she realized that membership in one virtue group, women, might not be enough.  So Hillary suddenly announced that she was part Jewish! But being 7% Seinfeld isn't enough to get any appreciation in today's Democratic Party.  That's because of the rise of candidates with memberships in three – or more – victim groups. Just look at the congressional candidates the Democrats just nominated two days ago.  In Michigan, they nominated for a congressional seat Rashida Tlaib, who is (a) an Arab-American,...(Read Full Post)