More fake news falls apart: Mexico produces murder warrant for sob-story illegal busted taking wife to hospital

The media had a good run in the past few days, piously painting ICE as heartless again for detaining an illegal on the way to the hospital for the sake of his pregnant wife, in what they thought would be a rerun of their separation-of-children spectacular.  Just listen to this CBS report and feel free to gross out. ICE came out and said the man was wanted on a murder warrant after the first weepy headlines.  That concrete official declaration drew skepticism from the press, which cited the wan statements about not knowing anything about no warrant from the man's lawyer, often in its headlines, as its authority.  Now we have the total collapse of the press narrative with the appearance of the Mexican warrant, and here is the real story, as reported by the Los Angeles Times: An immigrant [sic] in the U.S. illegally who was detained by federal officers in San Bernardino last week while heading to the hospital...(Read Full Post)