Et tu, Pearl Jam?

I'm not gonna lie here: I adore the music of Pearl Jam.  And for good reasons: there are those luscious, awesomely masculine, authentic-Western-accented baritone vocals of Eddie Vedder.  There's that incredible guitar riffing of all three of them.  There's the original, evocative melodies.  There's the raging teenage boy angst's what a rock band should be.  And those guys are popular.  I know I'm not the only one who thinks this. I've also been impressed with what I've read of Pearl Jam's philanthropy.  They're a '90s "Seattle Sound" grunge band, and lately, they've raised more than $10 million to help the homeless.  Grunge, all fits.  I've also read that Eddie Vedder is a nice guy in real life.  I was going to donate to their cause via the Starbucks (of course!) app on my Apple mobile phone,...(Read Full Post)