Meanwhile, the Chinese think Trump is a genius

Has anyone ever called the Chinese 'stupid'? Not those guys. So now they're reading President Trump, and unlike the childish Eurotrash of western Europe, they see a shrewd, wily, chess-playing, Sun Tzu-grade genius, who could easily checkmate them, and they've got a lot of reasons for thinking so. That's the report from a European policy-domo, who actually went to Beijing and asked the local leaders what they were seeing. The report that European Council of Foreign Relations President Mark Leonard gives, in the Financial Times, is well worth the subscription or trial subscription to read it. Some of his thoughts from the piece can be read on Instapundit, however. Here's a bit of what Glenn Reynolds posted: I have just spent a week in Beijing talking to officials and intellectuals, many of whom are awed by his skill as a strategist and tactician. . . . Few Chinese think that Mr Trump’s primary concern is to rebalance the bilateral trade...(Read Full Post)