Starbucks, guilty over environment, introduces sippy cups to replace straws

Joining other woke companies, the ever virtuous Starbucks announced a few days ago that it's replacing its familiar cup lid and plastic straw with a more compostable, and less dangerous to water creatures, sippy cup lid.   Plastic straws take about 200 years to break down in the environment, increasing the presence of microplastics in landfills and oceans.  Both straws and the broken-down microplastics are ingested by marine life, ending up in our seafood and harming marine ecosystems.  A graphic video of a marine biologist pulling a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nose went viral and helped the movement to eliminate single-use plastic straws. Well, yes, I certainly don't want straws stuck in the noses of turtles or other marine life.  And I certainly don't want them – or me – to partake of microplastics.  But those newly designed lids look awkward to use, perhaps allowing some of the...(Read Full Post)