Socialism in the botanical garden: Why Venezuela can't have nice things

Is there anything awful socialism can't do? Reuters has an excellent piece (other than omitting the 's' word) about the terrible fate of Venezuela's priceless botanical garden in Caracas. CARACAS (Reuters) - Dead palm trees and a dried-up lagoon are what you see when you enter Caracas’s botanical garden. A UNESCO World Heritage site and once one of the city’s most important tourist spots, its directors are trying to rescue it from abandonment. Yes, I know, the country has far more hellish problems with people starving, fleeing, running out of water, and using machetes on one another to fight for garbage scraps. But the destruction of nature is terrible, too. The botanical garden doesn't even rate as high as zoo animals starving on the mercy scale, yet it's deeply disturbing. The Reuters story says the famed Moriche palms of the area have crumbled and dried up, along with one third of its palms. The gargantuan Santa Cruz water lilies,...(Read Full Post)