Shipping industry blows off media's 'trade war' hysteria

The press has been having a field day with claims of a global "trade war" as a means of casting blame on President Trump on the economics front.  Drudge has assembled some choice headlines being put out at the top corner of his page.  Get a load: TRADE WAR CHINA... DEFICIT RISES SHARPLY... Tariffs on half-trillion dollars' worth of goods? Beijing hits back... Confusion as ports delay cargoes... Oil markets more tense... Oh, and don't forget Paul Krugman, who's a trade specialist when he however briefly takes his New York Times dunce cap off  and puts his economist cap back on.  He's got plenty to say, too. Someone at Bloomberg went out and asked shippers and their analysts how things are going and got a big yawn. Will somebody please tell commodity shippers there's a trade war going on? Whether it's the price of hiring giant freighters to haul hundreds of millions of tons a year of...(Read Full Post)