New stimulus analysis shows Obama never understood investment

The free-spending left has always been known for its firm belief in free lunches and general economic illiteracy.  But taken in investment terms, the left-dominated Obama administration comes up looking even more colossally stupid, bringing back just 44 cents for America for every dollar spent.  What kind of investment is that? A professional investor's analysis, spotted by ZeroHedge writer Tyler Durden, really makes President Obama, and the vaunted stimulus spending program he is still praising on behalf of himself, look like a rube, a boob, and a fool.  Seriously, you would not want Obama to be your fund-manager after reading this.  Simon Black, whose website says he lives in Chile, explained this as he analyzed what was almost exclusively the Obama administration's $11.6-trillion stimulus. The size of the stimulus didn't bother him.  The problem, he said, was the return on investment.  As...(Read Full Post)