Lisa Page defies congressional subpoena – for now, and maybe forever

I was looking forward to seeing television cameras photographing Lisa Page entering a closed-door congressional hearing today, and maybe – just maybe – hearing leaks about what went on.  The principal picture used of her dates to her days at the Ohio State Law University School and differs in appearance substantially from one captured a few months ago (visible here). The intervening years do not appear have not been kind.  Or maybe she was just having a bad day.  Either way, I wondered how she would present herself to the assembled media in the halls of Congress: proud and defiant?  But alas, it will not happen.  Not for a while, and if the Deep State keeps protecting its own, maybe forever. Page's lawyer has raised a defensible reason for avoiding the beginning of accountability to our elected representatives for her behavior as part of the cabal that tried to alter a presidential election using the vast...(Read Full Post)