Libs who fear for planet afraid to throw out trash

The WaPo cast a spotlight on a liberal doomsday cult called the Zero Waste Movement, founded by someone named Bea Johnson, which fears that the planet will be destroyed if we throw out too much trash. She advocates "living simply and taking a stance against needless waste," an effort organized around what she calls her "5Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (and only in that order)."  Refuse things you don't need, reduce things you have, reuse everything, recycle what can't be used and put the rest in the compost bin.  Johnson and her family of four fit an entire year's worth of trash into a pint jar. Zero Waste enthusiasts say eliminating packaging does not require excessive time and effort. Johnson makes her own makeup, lip balm, blush (from cocoa powder), mascara and shampoo.  Her efforts to replace toilet paper were not so smooth.  "Moss was fine at first but dried out quickly and was like...(Read Full Post)