Incoming Mexico president is getting the Jared treatment

President Trump is once again confounding his critics and laying the groundwork for a better relationship with our southern neighbor, Mexico.  In place of the impulsive recklessness Trump-haters attribute to him, he is carrying out a nuanced approach to seeking actual solutions with a new and unusual leader embarking on a six-year term as president of Mexico, a political office with far more power than that of the POTUS. There were predictions of doom aplenty from the hysterical leftists and racialists who insist that Trump called all Mexicans rapists when he objected to some of the people violating our borders.  This meant, in their view, that he is a racist bigot that despises Mexicans. Incoming Mexican president Andrés Manuel López-Obrador, or AMLO, is far saner and gives every sign of being a man who can cut through the political rhetoric and deal with the realities of a complex bilateral relationship.  Now he will receive visits...(Read Full Post)