The Catcher Was a Spy: A review

One of the best films of the year, The Catcher Was a Spy stars the superb Paul Rudd – more familiar to audiences as a light and lovable comic persona, or the droll Ant-Man (Ant-Man and the Wasp), in the Marvel franchise now doing boffo box office.  Here, Rudd is enigmatic, restrained, a never less than compelling presence. Here, he is the remarkably accomplished Moe Berg, who is scooped up by the Office of Strategic Services from the field as a catcher in the Boston Red Sox in the early 1940s, to stymie the potentially terrifying development of the atomic bomb by a German scientist, played by chameleon actor Mark Strong as Professor Werner Heisenberg. If you recall your high school physics, that is the very same Heisenberg as the originator of the Heisenberg Principle, which posits that you cannot pin anything atomic down, since the very act of studying it changes it, so uncertainty is the only certainty.  (N.B.: My slight interpretation,...(Read Full Post)