Conservative Campaign Committee launches Operation Montana

If I sound a bit punchy, it is because my wife Mary and I got to the hotel late after flying into Montana.  We're here to work with the Conservative Campaign Committee team to help Republican Matt Rosendale defeat the Democrat for the U.S. Senate seat. I awoke early this morning because my body is still on East Coast time.  A CCC team member texted to inform me that the hotel's breakfast buffet has gluten-free bread.  I've had issues with blood sugar.  I've stopped eating bread because someone turned me on to a great bread substitute made with almond floor.  It's called keto bread – 90 seconds in the microwave. But I digress.  I turned on the TV in my hotel room and stomached watching CNN.  It was truly amazing, folks.  Those people at CNN are pit bull-grip committed to furthering the American left's open-borders agenda and portraying Trump as a buffoon while questioning...(Read Full Post)