Can loudmouth illegals champ Vicente Fox answer a few questions about wrecking a Mexican water supply?

Former president Vicente Fox has got to be the most obnoxious guy in Mexico. Loudly championing illegal aliens in the USA and hurling insults and abuse (including the F-word) at President Trump and his voters, he's positioned himself as Mister Virtue-Signaler on globalism, trade, and immigration and lots of other politically correct stuff. Now maybe he can answer some questions. The New York Times has come out with a long piece about how Coca-Cola FEMSA, a company he ran, set up a bottling plant that drained the water supply in Chiapas, Mexico.  Chiapas is a major shipper of illegal immigrants to the U.S.  The bottling plant left San Cristóbal de las Casas without adequate water.  Instead of electing officials committed to fixing that, the locals drank the Coke instead of the water, leading to a rash of diabetes cases.  Probably a human thing, but it wasn't good for them, and it's sad they didn't have...(Read Full Post)