A heartbeat calling on the mother to get a second opinion

The Democrats have decided to defend Roe v. Wade at all costs, including unleashing the party's most radical faces, slogans, and rhetoric.  One example of the last is the claim that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will threaten "reproductive rights."  Seriously, abortion is a reproductive right? We saw some of this leftist madness last night, and it's only going to get worse.  As in everything, their irrational reaction will backfire because most Americans reject that kind of language and talk. No matter what happens with Judge Kavanaugh – and I believe that he will wearing a black robe by October – the problem with Roe v. Wade is technology.  In other words, we know a lot more about today's babies than my mother knew about me or what I knew when my wife said she was pregnant. The left's biggest threat is that baby's heartbeat – that little sound that confirms that...(Read Full Post)