Why does Trump suddenly sound like 'The Manchurian Candidate'?

President Trump is saying some mighty strange things since the end of his summit with Kim Jong-un, during a period of time when Trump was totally alone with the North Korean dictator for several hours.  Could Trump have been swapped for a North Korean lookalike? Consider some of Trump's bizarre statements about the North Korean leader: Kim Jong Un is not just "very talented" but also is a "very smart negotiator" who "loves his country very much," President Trump said after spending about five hours with Kim during Tuesday's summit.  As proof of the young leader's prodigious ability, Trump noted that Kim had been able to run North Korea from the age of 26, "and run it tough," in a way that few people could. This is the man Trump praised as more talented than "one out of ten thousand people": Kim Jong Un has built a reputation for dispatching with extreme prejudice all those who...(Read Full Post)