Trump's video played for Kim elicits sneers from media but was a brilliant persuasive device

Because everything President Trump does has to be bad in the eyes of the mainstream media, there was considerable elite media sneering yesterday over the video that the White House produced for President Trump to show to Kim Jong-un during their meeting in Singapore.  If you haven't seen it yet, you watch it here: The Washington Post tellingly headlined, "Reporters thought this video was North Korea propaganda.  It came from the White House."  That's what reporters think is obviously the most important information for the Post to convey.  The New York Times sneer is that it was a "faux" (a favorite word in the age of Trump) movie trailer: "Coming Attractions: Trump Showed Kim a Faux Movie Trailer About a Transformed North Korea." Both of these papers, which function as pilot fish for the rest of the mainstream media, sneered at Trump throughout his presidential campaign and were...(Read Full Post)