Thoughts on Bourdain: Why did he do it?

Anthony Bourdain's suicide brought out the professional mourners.  None, it seemed to me, spoke to the real issue of why a guy like that would commit suicide.  He had it all.  Wealth.  Fame.  Women.  Travel.  What was missing?  I think we all know. You reach that guy's age (61) and realize your life has been for nothing.  You had accolades, hot chicks, money – but no meaning to any of it.  No kids to love you, no wife to aggravate and fuss over you, just pretend-friends to make much of you while you're still a sought after celeb.  Lose that, and you lose their interest. Something important is missing.  You have no responsibility to another.  Nobody to worry about, to care about how he feels or wonder where he is or when he'll get home.  In a real sense, that mutual sense of responsibility is the heart and soul of...(Read Full Post)