From Hawaii to Puerto Rico, the left's 'Katrina' narrative on Trump collapses

Lost in the news about North Korea, the Justice Department's inspector general's report, and a host of other big stories is a quietly big one: the death of the left's bid to pin the "Katrina" tail onto President Trump. It's failed.  Bigly. Today's news from volcano-battered Hawaii is that President Trump has sent in the cavalry for its beleaguered citizens on the Big Island, offering individual aid for the thousands of Hawaiians who have lost their homes or even lost access to them in the slow, terrifying burning lava flows from Mount Kilauea, which have destroyed more than 800 homes.  Since my sister is one of these people well within the vicinity of the lava's path, living in Leilani Estates just two streets away from the infamous Fissure 8, the origin of the lava rivers that have buried so many houses downwind, I can tell you firsthand that the news was greeted with shouts of joy.  President Trump's...(Read Full Post)