New York Times pitches its honeytrap reporter Ali Watkins over the side

The New York Times is doing stories on its own reporter, a perfect instance of meta-reportage, under the pious guise of how the Ali Watkins revelations of sleeping with sources – multiple sources, it turns out – "rattled the Washington media." Really?  Never seen a news agency do a full investigative piece, full of unsourced gossip, about one of its own reporters and her love life, from all her chatty, unnamed colleagues, as straight news.  It's actually more like high school.  It also suggests that the NYT higher-ups are getting ready to get rid of her.  Maybe they care about their credibility after all, the way Abe Rosenthal once did. Not that the long Times piece as it went out wasn't newsworthy. Watkins, according to the New York Times story, seems to have been "doing" source after source as the Times' own resident honeytrap journalist, turning the craft of journalism into a...(Read Full Post)