Maxine in Dunceland

Maxine Waters to Chris Hayes while defending her call for harassment of officials in Trump's Cabinet and administration: As a matter of fact, I believe in peaceful protests.  I believe that protest is at the centerpiece of our democracy.  I believe that the Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech.  And I think that protest is civil protest. Too many voters occupying Dunceland fall for this type of nonsensical alignment of coached up words.  We should look at this statement sentence by sentence in order to measure its depth. 1. One might believe in anything – Godzilla or the Big Rock Candy Mountain – but one would support peaceful protest.  Clear thoughts would by nature reveal themselves through concise expression. 2. Believing that protest is at the centerpiece of democracy sounds pretty, especially to those with a political chip on their shoulder and a tin ear for sentence structure, but protest...(Read Full Post)