Liberals scream as Trump ends sham asylum claims

It always amazes me how when I read articles about people claiming asylum.  Most of their stories are almost identical: gangs threatened them in their home country!  If they didn't join the gangs, they would be killed!  They had no choice but to flee their country!  They all have nearly identical stories, as if they were coached, all repeating the same words they hoped would get them a free ticket into America. The other story we commonly hear is of women seeking asylum, claiming their husbands beat them.  What do abusive husbands have to do with seeking asylum in another country?  Why can't they move to a different part of their own country, or if they came through a third country like Mexico, why would they not also be safe there? Even more puzzling is asylum law itself.  I thought there were no grounds to claim asylum based on crime in one's home country. Here's what the U.S....(Read Full Post)