'I, Sean Hannity, am the next target of the Deep State'

On his Fox News program Friday night, June 1, Sean Hannity made a startling comment.  At the end of his opening monologue, he said, "I, Sean Hannity, am the next target of the Deep State."  As a source, Hannity cited Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., who made the claim in his latest book, Killing the Deep State. For the past year, Hannity, the #1 host on cable television news, has been doggedly pursuing the truth about the attempt of the past administration and the Deep State to block the election of Donald Trump in 2016 – and when that didn't work, to impugn his capacity to govern.  A variety of "kill shots" have been aimed at Hannity's reputation during the past year, including advertiser boycotts, with the intent of having him removed from the air.  To date, none of these efforts has succeeded. Sean Hannity on his Fox News program June 1, 2018.  Screenshot by Peter Barry Chowka. On Friday, as he...(Read Full Post)