Halftime report: The lowdown on 2018 so far

Online, independent thinkers in comments sections are discussing Trump's chances of carrying significant portions of the black vote in 2020.  Some think he's figuring out ways to pull that bloc to the right.  I don't think that's what's going on. Trump doesn't enact a policy with the explicit idea of getting votes.  He's all about filling in his checklist of things accomplished, promises made and delivered on.  He knows that if he gets government out of the way, private ingenuity, innovation, and ambition will do the rest.  That is precisely what's happened. Liberals never credit the ingenuity and ambition of ordinary people to improve their lives by their own efforts.  They don't credit it because they think ordinary people are dumb cattle.  Trump knows better because he's worked with ordinary people all his life and has seen them accomplish miracles. A related...(Read Full Post)