Did Rod Rosenstein threaten to go after House staffers with subpoenas last January?

A report by Catherine Herridge of Fox News has many conservatives furious at Rod Rosenstein for what they see as a threat to retaliate against those seeking unredacted records related to Spygate.  She writes: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to "subpoena" emails, phone records and other documents from lawmakers and staff on a Republican-led House committee during a tense meeting earlier this year, according to emails reviewed by Fox News documenting the encounter and reflecting what aides described as a "personal attack." The emails memorialized a January 2018 closed-door meeting involving senior FBI and Justice Department officials as well as members of the House Intelligence Committee.  The account claimed Rosenstein threatened to turn the tables on the committee's inquiries regarding the Russia probe.  "The DAG [Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein] criticized the Committee for sending our...(Read Full Post)