Dershowitz: Final nail in the coffin of the ACLU

Alan Dershowitz is one of the premier civil liberties attorneys in the country.  He is the author of Trumped Up: How Criminalizing Politics is Dangerous to Democracy and The Case Against BDS: Why Singling Out Israel for Boycott is Anti-Semitic and Anti-Peace.  Dershowitz has been a longtime supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union.  It's been decades since the ACLU was a truly non-partisan organization dedicated to the maintenance of our constitutional rights.  But, as Dershowitz points out in this op-ed he penned for The Hill, the ACLU has now made it official policy to intervene in partisan politics. A June 8 article in the New Yorker reveals that the ACLU, for the first time in its 98-year history, will spend millions of dollars on elections.  Dershowitz's musings on how far the ACLU has fallen are poignant. Since its establishment nearly 100 years ago, the ACLU has been, in the words of the New...(Read Full Post)