Dear stupid media: North Korean denuclearization is a foregone conclusion

With the historic meeting of President Trump and Kim Jong-un, there has been the expected typhoon of naysayers and pundits caterwauling about whether North Korea will willingly give up its nuclear weapon ambitions after a single meeting.  Does it take a simpleton like me to point out to these morons the obvious reasons why it's a foregone conclusion? Let me type slowly for those at the dinosaur media (including Fox) so that they can catch up to reality. Along with the mud-slinging between Trump and Kim, there was also backroom dealing going on.  Trump was, and the media knew, pressuring China to get involved – basically telling Xi Jinping to get his lackey (Kim) under control.  Why has that fallen on deaf ears and atrophied brains? Trump knew full well what would get China to act: the potential of full-throttle restrictions on Chinese imports to the United States – cars, phones, televisions, shirts, sandals, and every other cheap...(Read Full Post)