Black employment: The new underground railroad

In "Just Say It's Racist" in the Atlantic, June 4, Adam Serwer makes an assertion so astonishing and bold that one would be shocked had it not already been said over 3 billion times in just the last six years.  Serwer says Trump-supporters are racist and the media should stop being afraid to say so.  We would call Mr. Serwer brave in the second place if he wasn't so laughable in the first.  The article strikes a strangely defiant yet self-protective pose.  It plays out like the end of an old James Cagney gangster film – Cagney or Serwer smashing out the second floor apartment window and popping off a few rounds while shouting, "Ah, ya dirty coppers, come in and get me!  Take this, ya rats!"  Serwer and his frothy media Democratic gang are obviously going on the lam in the face of an I.G. report sure to be unfavorable to their big bosses downtown.  They think they can blast...(Read Full Post)