Threats of violence against conservatives, from President Trump to me

On Sunday morning, June 10, 2018, I discovered a bloody severed skunk head on my back deck.  It was not there at 11:00 P.M. the night before when watering the flowers, so it was likely placed there by someone under cover of darkness during the night. Several years ago, four small cherry trees were cut down near the ground line with a sharp instrument, killing them.  Last year, our old and venerated tree house was cut down, saw marks evident in the timbers, half now lying in ruins in the dry streambed behind our house. I am a traditional patriotic conservative American, and I write essays for conservative websites such as American Thinker, Family Security Matters, and RenewAmerica, and I have just published a book entitled Restoring the American Mind, which expresses modern American conservative – i.e., classic American liberal – analysis and opinion.  Some Americans have disgustingly descended into a Mafia-like...(Read Full Post)