White vs. Valdez governor's runoff speaks volumes about the state of the Democrats in Texas

Last Friday, two Democrats vying to be the Democratic gubernatorial candidate for the upcoming Texas race, Ms. Lupe Valdez and Mr. Andrew White, had a debate, but not many people watched it. After all, here in Texas, we have one of the top 15 gross domestic products worldwide, and we have given the country several of its leaders, from LBJ to George Bush 41 to George W. Bush 43.  This isn't prime growing space for Democrats, what with their focus on whining and victimhood. So am I the only person who is bit underwhelmed by the Valdez-White campaign? I don't think so, and even the Texas Observer agrees with me.  They came up with a killer title for their op-ed columnist's commentary: "We Watched the Andrew White/Lupe Valdez Debate Because You Probably Didn't!" Here is a bit of the op-ed: First, a caveat: It's hard to whip up scorching hot takes from Friday night's Democratic gubernatorial runoff...(Read Full Post)