Self-satire from the Washington Post

It is a joke when people from the press write stories continually complaining about Trump going after MS-13 members and pretending he lumps all immigrants into his description.  It becomes self-satire when immediately below a headline accusing Trump of this thoughtcrime, the article's lead paragraph goes on to do exactly the same thing. For decades, every time someone gets killed with a gun, the media blame the NRA and all of its members and essentially all gun-owners.  They always play off groups against each other, but Trump is a problem because he goes hard after violent gang members. Here is an article in the Washington Post titled "Trump again smears a large immigrant community with the violent actions of a few people." And here is the lead paragraph: For the second time in his presidency, President Trump traveled to Long Island to talk about immigrants and crime.  While the event in Bethpage, N.Y., was...(Read Full Post)