RINO Rep. Charlie Dent ditches office for cable TV obscurity: Good riddance

In 2017, my congressman, nominal Republican Charlie Dent, 1) announced he will not run again and then, in 2018, 2) ditched office early.  His last day in the House was Friday, May 11. Dent deserves a proper goodbye. Dent is emblematic of what's wrong with Washington.  What Charlie calls "bipartisanship" and "cooperation," reasonable people call collusion.  In his time in Congress, Dent voted for every spending bill that helped to drive the national debt to $21 trillion-plus, or nearly $70,000 for every American, regardless of age.  Generations of Americans will be saddled with Dent's debt.   Charlie has spent nearly his entire adult life taking paychecks from the same taxpayers he's been hosing.  In less than five years, Dent will receive a full congressional pension.  Had he been there for 20 years, he'd get it immediately.  Since Dent spent time in the Pennsylvania Legislature, too, he'll...(Read Full Post)