Press piles on Ivanka Trump again, blaming her for bogus 'lost children' issue

Posting a personal, tender, loving picture of herself with her young son, Theodore, on Mother's Day, Ivanka Trump was rained with vitriol by the left on Twitter.  The leftist rage was then amplified by the press, reporting this garbage as straight news.  For this: Instagram screenshot from Ivanka Trump's site. Look at these headlines: US child migrants: Ivanka's mother and child photo sparks backlash –BBC Ivanka Trump's Photo With Her Son Has Been Criticized as 'Tone Deaf' –Time Ivanka Trump's Snuggle with Son Lands Her in the Middle of Outrage Over Lost Migrant Children –People Ivanka Trump Photo With Son Labeled 'Tone Deaf' After U.S. Border Agents Separate Children From Families –Newsweek/Yahoo! News From Gaza Deaths to Migrant Children: Ivanka Trump Slammed For Being 'Tone-Deaf' to Humanitarian Crises –Ha'aretz Ivanka Trump posted a...(Read Full Post)