How's that progressivism working out for you, Jeff Bezos?

Is Jeff Bezos having second thoughts about his political ideology and that of his newspaper?   The founder of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post – and the richest man in the world at the current Amazon stock price – is being targeted by leftists because he has been so successful.  Not for any alleged misbehavior, but simply because he and his company Amazon (not the WaPo) have so much money. Yesterday, Bernie Sanders attacked him by name, noting that the three richest men in America have as much wealth as the bottom half.  Apparently, he believes that if they had been less successful, that 50% would have more wealth – the zero-sum approach characteristic of leftists who do not understand wealth generation. At 58 seconds, he attacks Bezos's increase in wealth in recent days, as Amazon's stock price soared. Meanwhile, the day before Sanders gave his speech, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed...(Read Full Post)