Hollywood gets software to see if men talk more in movies than women do

It's hard to enjoy movies when men are speaking too much in them.  That's the conclusion of liberals in Hollywood, who have developed software to determine how many words men speak in films and compare that to the number of words women speak in them.  The idea is that if men have more dialogue in films than women do, then the film is sexist. The stats are familiar to anyone who cares about the place of women on screen: year after year, they appear less often, say fewer words and generally don't do as much in front of the camera[.] Oh, no! Now, a few Hollywood players have developed technology that aims to do that: new screenplay software that can automatically tell whether a script is equitable for men and women. I strongly approve of the symbolism of "artificial intelligence" bringing us closer to "gender equality." When I think about it, I realize that most famous movies are sexist: 1. The...(Read Full Post)