Cop-hating communist Van Jones partners with Trump adviser to reform prison system

On Friday, communist and cop-killer supporter Anthony K. "Van" Jones sat with President Trump's close adviser, Jared Kushner, and his wife, Ivanka Trump, at a White House forum on prison reform.  Flashing his GQ smile, Obama's former green jobs czar was back at the White House after being forced to resign in 2009 when conservatives exposed his anti-American activities.   Under Obama's watch, the con man helped to scam taxpayers out of billions of dollars for bogus green energy projects designed to employ low-income minorities.  Soon, the money disappeared, and over 60,000 jobs promised by Obama never materialized. Now Jones has moved on to another big-government reform movement guaranteed to take money from people who don't commit crimes and redistribute it to people who do.  Jones and his Dream Corps #Cut50 initiative backed the First Step Act, just passed in the House.  Of course, Jones supports this...(Read Full Post)