CNN's Chris Cillizza tweets an image of Trump in crosshairs, then deletes it

Progressives just hate it when conservatives start enforcing their own new rules against them. Few conservatives over the age of 25 have forgotten when Sarah Palin was hysterically blamed for the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords because Palin's Facebook page had posted a graphic of congressional districts targeted in the coming election, by using crosshairs: CNN's Chris Cillizza apparently thought this no-crosshairs new rule applied only to conservatives when he posted this graphic to Twitter: As Victor Morton of the Washington Times reported: Mr. Cillizza later deleted the tweet when people began taking him to task and reporting him to Twitter as having encouraged an assassination attempt. He said the graphic was a GIF program that defaults to that image as its first frame. "To clear up any unintended confusion, I've removed the tweet," he wrote. Well, that makes it okay, I guess. Or maybe not.  As...(Read Full Post)