As Obamacare premiums set to skyrocket again, Dems can only lie

If you buy your own insurance, you know that Obamacare premiums have doubled between 2013 and 2017.  With huge hikes set for next year, that means that Obamacare rates will have tripled in six years. But instead of doing something about it, Democrats simply want to blame Republicans. American Spectator: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is already announcing what he's going to do about the rate hikes.  "We Democrats are going to be relentless in making sure the American people exactly understand who is to blame for the rates."  He means pinning the blame on President Trump and the Republican majorities in Congress.  Don't buy this lie. Independent insurance experts point to the flawed provisions of the Affordable Care Act that drive premiums skyward year after year.  Never mind who's in the White House. The biggest cause, according to McKinsey management consultants, is Obamacare's...(Read Full Post)