Alaska pols extremely worried that climate change will bring warmer temperatures

What's the very worst thing you can imagine happening to Alaska?  If you're a liberal politician, you fear warm weather! That's right: the liberals who run Alaska (the governor is a "former Republican" and the lt. governor is a "current Democrat") are worried that Alaska, with its subzero temperatures, may be getting warmer. If this is really true, that the state is getting warmer, the governor should be getting down on his knees to thank Mother Nature, because on the whole, that would benefit his constituents. Anchorage.  Photo credit: Max Pixel. But he isn't.  Instead, he's doing what liberals always do: create a problem and then figure out a tax to "solve" it. The solid permafrost that sits beneath many roads, buildings and pipelines is starting to thaw, destabilizing the infrastructure above. There's a name for that thawing.  It's called...(Read Full Post)