The hideous Democrats who would succeed the great Darrell Issa

Nobody likes the fact that Rep. Darrell Issa, one of the brightest lights in Congress, is retiring at the end of this term. But if there ever was a case of insult added to injury, take a look at what is planning to succeed him: two revolting leftists, both of whom are loaded for bear on campaign dollars and spending up a storm in television advertising several months out before the midterms.  Since I live in San Diego, I have to listen to this drivel during the dinner hour. First up is 29-year-old Sara Jacobs, who comes from a lot of money, presumably giving her her election advertising dollar advantage.  In her repeated ads, she comes out as "not one of the old boys" (flash to President Trump, a man elected only a year ago as the ultimate outsider) and someone who "doesn't look like" the rest of Congress, making a play as a rich white woman, for the minority outsider identity politics label, as if there have never been women elected...(Read Full Post)