Obama fuel standards so bad even Axios thinks they should be dumped

President Obama was always big on forcing bad things down the throat of the American voter and consumer. "Time to eat your peas!" he told Congress in 2011, foisting a massive hike in government spending on a Republican Congress in 2011.  Obama was "the good parent" (to all us unruly, uppity young 'uns in the lowly electorate), and President Trump is all about eating candy, as Michelle Obama put it this year, in another example.  And of course, there was Obamacare. One of the worst things Obama tried to foist on us was in his executive orders to raise fuel standards on automakers in the name of going green, as if such technology could be commanded into existence, and more importantly, as if consumers would be happy buying ugly, European-style blatt-blatt cars they didn't like.  Even Axios, a left-leaning news site, finds that one a no-go, arguing that such standards should be at least reformed, even as the...(Read Full Post)