Good cop, bad cop: Sessions and Trump

After the FBI conducted its search of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, the entire press, both Republicans and Democrats, demanded decisive actions by President Trump.  Fire Mueller!  Fire Rosenstein!  Where is Attorney General Sessions?!  Everyone called for Trump's response.  But the FBI's search of Cohen was the response of the Washington swamp to a short television interview with Sessions about two weeks ago, followed by an official letter to the key Republican members of Congress, in which he casually noted that he had appointed a prosecutor to investigate what is known as "Clintonistas." It turns out that the prosecutor, Huber from Utah, has been working in tandem with the inspector general of the Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, for more than six months.  They are investigating not just the abuses of the Obama's FBI and Obama's Department of Justice (wiretapping Trump, the...(Read Full Post)