Facebook's Zuckerberg, master dissembler

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's appearance before the U.S. Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees yesterday confirmed what we knew all along: when Zuckerberg isn't dissembling, he's not talking. OK, dissembling is just a fancy polite term for lying. Zuckerberg's repeated, persistent whopper was that Facebook doesn't sell your data to advertisers.  Of course Facebook doesn't directly sell your data to advertisers, similar to old-school selling of mailing lists. Instead, Facebook's most valuable feature to advertisers is the ability to provide advertisers with real-time data mapping and profiling, from demographic categories to individual buying preferences, with feedback loops able to monitor whether specific ads provoke purchase behavior that Facebook can detect and discern from your daily online activities. No, Facebook doesn't sell email addresses, mobile phone numbers, or Facebook user posts as raw...(Read Full Post)