FBI ex-honcho Andrew McCabe goes to the well again for more legal cash

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe needs more money.  Your money. After a K Street firm linked to his lawyer made a successful crowd-funding pitch and drew in $500,000 for McCabe's legal defense, McCabe is now doing it again, with another pitch.  The Law & Crime blog has the scoop: In a little-noticed report by NPR last Thursday, McCabe's lawyer Michael Bromwich revealed that his client was heading to the trough of charity for the second time in order to fund myriad legal battles. According to that report, McCabe's newly-established legal defense fund would help the embattled ex-official wage legal warfare on various fronts including: (1) responding to congressional investigations; (2) engaging with the U.S. Attorney's Office; (3) filing a potential wrongful termination lawsuit over his for-cause firing; and (4) a theoretical defamation case against President Donald Trump. The Law & Crime...(Read Full Post)