Diamond and Silk go to Washington

Facebook will once again be in the headlines when the popular vloggers Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Robinson testify before a House Judiciary Committee on April 26.  The biological sisters and North Carolina natives will discuss Facebook's social media filtering and policing practices. From a biting and hilarious 2016 viral video excoriating Fox News superstar Megyn Kelly for her snarky gotcha debate question directed at candidate Trump to their upcoming appearance in D.C., Diamond and Silk are proving to be unstoppable champions of the First Amendment. Before 2016, not many people had even heard of the sisters, but their gutsy honesty and made-for-media personalities have gained them a huge audience. Eventually, the pro-Trump enthusiasts, with almost two million followers, landed themselves on Facebook's "unsafe" list. Now the former Democrats are eager to present evidence to...(Read Full Post)