Caroline Glick: 'Germany abets a new world war'

One of Iran's most important enablers, according to internationally acclaimed columnist Caroline Glick, is Germany and its president, Angela Merkel. As the U.S. is looking to tighten up the Iranian nuclear deal, Germany is running interference for Iran with our European allies, who are currently engaged in intense negotiations with the U.S. to rein in Iran's missile program and prevent it from restarting its drive for a nuclear weapon. This may still not be enough to save the deal, as Donald Trump has made it clear that the agreement must be dramatically improved before he will agree to continue it.  But Glick says Germany has refused to agree to reintroduce sanctions against Iran.  Breitbart: For the past several weeks, administration officials have told reporters that Germany is selling Iran technology that Iran is using to help the Assad regime replenish its chemical weapons stocks. Last week, the Jerusalem...(Read Full Post)