California Democrat pushes new law to gut First Amendment

There seems to be nothing the Democrats in California won't do to fan the flames of the destruction of this country, its laws, and its institutions – and now, one of its essential founding documents, the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.  We have making California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, passing a law that makes it a crime for businesses to cooperate with federal authorities seeking to enforce immigration laws, automatically registering as voters all residents with driver's licenses (including 1 million illegal aliens) – and now, a state legislator who wants to, in effect, restrict or overturn the First Amendment that guarantees the unfettered and unregulated right to free speech. The author of the proposed legislation is Dr. Richard Pan, a medical doctor whose specialty is pediatrics.  Pan, 52, like many of his Democrat colleagues in California's one-party state government,...(Read Full Post)